• What can I expect during our first meeting?
    You can expect that we will have a conversation about your concerns that have brought you to therapy. Please plan for a 60-minute session. Review the Intake Form to have an idea of questions that will be discussed. Questions might vary if this is a sex therapy session. 

    What are the fees and how do I pay?
    The fee for a 60-minutes session is $150. You can pay with cash, credit card or check.

    Do you take insurance?
    I do not take insurance. However, I may provide you with documentation that your insurance provider may require for out of network reimbursement. Please check with your insurance before our scheduled session. 

    What is your availability?
    I am available most Monday afternoons, Fridays and Saturdays. Other times may be available upon request.

    How do I schedule an appointments?
    Feel free to call me at (443) 326-9018. If I do not answer your call, please leave me a voicemail message and I will call you back.